Buying Property in OK? Don't Skip the Inspection!


Purchasing a new home is exciting, but don’t let the fresh coat of paint and new carpet distract you from the more important components of your prospective property. A quality home inspection will examine the structural and fundamental features of your home and inform you of all the shortcomings you could be moving into. To have an experienced, local home inspector in Oklahoma City, OK, inspect your potential purchase, call Promaxx Home Inspections. 

Promaxx Home Inspections extends the expertise of a former construction contractor to potential home and commercial property buyers in the Oklahoma City, OK, area. Call Promaxx Home Inspections today to discover how beneficial a home and commercial building inspection can be. 
When choosing Promaxx Home Inspection for your home or commercial building inspection in Oklahoma City, OK, you are empowered with the necessary information to:
• Enjoy peace of mind knowing there will be no post-move surprises
• Negotiate repair requests and prices with sellers
• Confirm that your home is safe and operational
• Forecast costs for future repairs

Even if your prospective home is newly constructed, there could be structural defects or other issues that can add unforeseen costs to your investment. Before you buy a new or previously owned home or commercial building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, call Promaxx Home Inspections.